By offering a unique, customized service, we’re able to provide bridging financing based on criteria related to business goals and practices, without having to focus as much on credit history. In this manner, we’re able to deliver funding solutions quickly to meet your needs.

Individuals who seek funding for property-related reasons often overlook short-term funding and the many benefits it offers. If you’re ready to learn more about bridging finance and how it works, reach out to London Bridging Finance today. We’ll be happy to explain the process clearly and in-depth.

Be aware that when you apply for bridging finance, it’s important to develop a clear and accurate proposal. Your chances of success are directly related to the strength of your proposal. The information you provide needs to make sense, and your reasons for needing funding must be clear and legitimate.

The specialists at London Bridging Finance can broker bridging loans starting at £100K, on a first or second charge basis. We normally offer Loan to Value (LTV) of sixty (60) to seventy-five (75) percent of your property’s value. In many cases, 100% of the purchase price is achievable. We appraise every loan based on its own individual merits.

You may find a bridging loan to be invaluable in cases where you’ve negotiated an opportunity that’s below market value, and your mortgage lender requires you to actually own the property for at least six months. That’s where London Bridging Finance can assist. We make loans against each property’s value, regardless of the purchase price. This way, you can act quickly to seize investment opportunities as they come up, knowing that you can turn to us to obtain the bridging loan you need in such a situation.

  • Loan terms: 1 – 12 months
  • Arrangement fees: from 1%
  • Valuation fees: Case by case
  • Legal fees: Case by case
  • Exit fee: 0% on Residential / Case by case on Commercial
  • Interest rates: 0.75% on Residential / 1.25% on Commercial
  • Loan to value: 75% on Residential / 65% on Commercial

A bridging loan is a form of short-term funding. It can provide quick access to funds with a waiting period that’s much shorter than the time it takes to get a conventional loan from a bank. Bridging finance comes in handy in a wide range of redevelopment and refurbishment situations, including purchasing neglected properties to renovate and resell them quickly.

Another common use for a bridging loan is to apply the funds towards a purchase of a new property before the current one is sold. This is where the term bridging finance originates, since this type of loan akin to “a bridge” until the final transaction is complete.

What does short-term financing allow you to do? Whether you’re an individual investor or you represent a business enterprise, this type of lending lets you move quickly on opportunities that require fast action. Our bridging finance solutions are efficient for a reason: We want to help our clients seize investment opportunities they can benefit from. By adding speed to the equation, we’re able to help you close quickly. When you can’t afford to wait for traditional financing, turn to us for a bridging loan.
  • We recognise potential of niche opportunities
  • We provide fast decisions & solutions to all funding requirements
  • We are the number 1 leading specialists in large Bridging Loans
  • We offer flexibility and bespoke solutions
  • Regardless of credit history we can provide a funding solution
  • Bridging Loan interest rates from as low as 0.75% per month
  • It’s never a slow process with us, we are extra fast
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